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Children's Infusion

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Children's Infusion Delight the children in your life with a refreshing, aromatic blend of Caffeine-free, nurturing herbs. The perfect brew for little people! Organic Ingredients: Chamomile, Fennel, Peppermint< Lemon Balm, Rosehips, Marshmallow leaf & Calendula Directions: Infuse 1 teaspoon of dried herb into an infuser, teapot or plunger. Add 1 cup of freshly boiled water. Steep for 5 minutes - allow to cool to a safe temperature, suitable for children. Pour into a cup or bottle - test temperature of the tea by putting a few drops onto your inner wrist, should feel warm, not hot - Enjoy! No sweetening necessary. Do not heat in microwave, as uneven heating may cause scalding. Overuse of drinking from a bottle, may cause the onset ot tooth decay Avaiable in a 40g resealable pouch for freshness & quality.

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